Marble Surface


Din the Abary- Sham aka Mr. Din is my cousin and an avid researcher in all things "woke". Featured on "Season 2 Premiere", "Holiday Origins", "Catching Up with Mr. Din", and "My Brother's Keeper".




Michelle and Jennifer Patino- Michelle and Jennifer are two of my oldest friends and join me to have a conversation about their new business. Featured on "Supporting your friend's business"




Caroline Stagg- Caroline is a business coach as well as a company director. Join us for a conversation about her background as well as her life and coaching advice. Featured on "A Conversation with Caroline Stagg".


Amanda Calahan is my beautiful wife of 6 years and lover and partner of 23 years. She is my muse and the reason I do what I do. Featured on "Coping With Mental Health Part Two"






Chase Hill- Chase is the founder and CEO of the non profit organization, Raider Recovery, the next step in the evolution of drug addiction rehabilitation. Featured on "Raider Recovery With Chase Hill"


Annie Buell- Annie is a writer, TikTok creator, and activist. She is also the host of her own podcast titled "Anne's Archism". Featured on "Anne's Archism"

Jordan Kelsey- Jordan is an old coworker and friend of mine. His very logical and intelligent mind makes him a great person to hold a conversation with. Featured on "Cancel Culture"



Steffanie Montano is a good friend of mine from high school. A New Yorker through and through and a no bullshit type of girl. Featured on "Space Force: Aliens Among Us?"



Jay Jones is the lead singer in the death metal band Shoki and has been a good friend to me since we met in 2016. Featured on "Last Days-Shoki".




Erin Heckles- Erin is a TikTok creator and future life coach and mentor. Featured on "A Conversation with Erin Heckles"